All Temp (Chill AT®) Freezer Grade Adhesive Labels - Direct Thermal

Able Label’s direct thermal label with Chill AT® permanent adhesive offers a true all temperature labeling solution. All Temp Labels are also known as Freezer Grade or Freezer Adhesive Labels. A medium sensitivity, top coated direct thermal paper with very good environmental resistance to plasticizers and an optimal wavelength range under 660nm. Suitable for standard speed thermal printers.

Chill AT® is a specially formulated rubber-based adhesive for demanding cold temperature applications, yet, it also works great at room temperature, allowing these labels to perform well in normal to freezer temperature applications, and cold, damp labeling applications. With a minimum application temperature of –10°F and a wide service temperature range of –65°F to +150°F, this adhesive coolly covers all your packaging labeling needs. Chill AT® has excellent tack and ultimate adhesion to many surfaces including polystyrene, polypropylene, polyethylene, paper, and corrugated, making it a great choice in the foodservice industry and other applications requiring heat, heat, and humidity, and cold temperature adhesion.
  • Bright White
  • Coated Facestock
  • Chill AT® rubber-based hot melt adhesive
  • Minimum Application Temperature –10°F, Service Temp. Ranges –65°F to +150°F
  • Shelf Life: One year when stored at +72°F and 50% relative humidity


Widths: 2”, 2.25”, 3”, 4”
Heights: 2”, 2.25”, 3”, 4”, 6”

If you can't find the size you are looking for, custom sizes and/or colors are available. Contact Able Label for a quote.

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