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What are Specialty and Custom Labels? 

Able Label assists customers with unique labels they cannot find anywhere. Specialty/Custom Labels can be a custom size, color, special material, adhesive, or all the above. The label can be blank, fully pre-printed, or partially pre-printed for use with direct thermal or thermal transfer printers.

Able Label stocks a wide variety of label materials, facestocks, and adhesives for both direct thermal and thermal transfer printing. We can also produce many sizes, colors, and variations with our in-stock resources and sourcing specialty materials for what your particular label requires.

How do I order Pre-Printed Labels? 

Our custom printed label service offers design, logo and graphic insertion, serialized barcoding, and sequential numbering. Pre-printed labels are an excellent option for product identification, promo labels, or day-to-day use labels such as shipping and return address labels.

Many of our customers need labels with variable information such as part number, price, and barcode of their products. Constant information such as company logo, name, and contact information may be needed in full color and high-quality printing. We can pre-print custom information on most direct thermal and thermal transfer materials, so these labels are ready to print variable information using the most popular printer brands and models, including Zebra, Honeywell Datamax, Intermec, Sato and more.

Contact us today! Our Label Specialists are here to assist you with all your labeling needs. 

Questions to consider before ordering Specialty and Custom Labels 

How will the label be used? What is the application? 

Direct Thermal and Thermal Transfer labels are used in a variety of industries, including retail, pharmaceutical, healthcare, & manufacturing. Applications vary from product identification, asset/inventory tracking, product packaging, shipping, and more. They may be used indoor or outdoor, exposed to heat, sunlight, cold or freezing temperatures. The most suitable label material will be chosen depending on the application and all factors considered.

What are the label's environmental conditions? 

The environment where the label will be used governs the type of facestock and adhesive required. In addition to indoor or outdoor applications, other conditions include UV light, cold, hot, damp, dry, frozen, and extreme temperature fluctuation. 

To what type of surface will the label be applied? 

The surface of the application is one of the most important factors considered for the type of adhesive needed. The texture of the surface (smooth, rough, or porous), the contour (flat or curved), and whether chemicals or contaminants may be present are all important factors. Some common surfaces are paper, corrugated containers, folding cartons, glass, metal, and plastics.

How durable does the label need to be and how long do you want it to stick? 

The type of material used depends on the application. While paper, polypropylene, and polyester are among the most used materials, we also carry vinyl, polyimide, and other options. Some materials allow for piggyback construction, and most facestocks come in multiple types of adhesives. There are three main classifications of adhesive: permanent, removable, and repositionable. Most labels use permanent adhesive, yet there are different adhesives for different conditions, applications, surfaces, and temperature fluctuations.

What size of label is required? 

Check out our Flexo Die List for rectangular, circle, and oval label sizes. These can be used with most label materials we carry. If you can’t find the size you are looking for, contact us about creating a custom die for you.

What is the smallest or largest size custom label I can order?

The brand/make and model of the printer determines both the smallest and the largest size of label that can be used. Our Label Specialists will assist our customers in determining the correct size of the label.

In addition to the size of the label, the following information will be helpful in finding the right custom label for your project:
  • Do you need labels on a roll or in fanfolded stacks?
  • What size label roll do you need? Common core sizes are 3”, 1.5”, 1” and 0.75”, and outer diameters are 8”, 5”, 4” and 2.5”.
  • Do you need labels wound in or wound out?
  • Do you need perforations between your labels?
  • How many labels do you need?
  • How quickly do you go through your labels?

What is the minimum order quantity?

Minimum order quantity (MOQ) varies from each product. Most blank label rolls require a low order quantity starting with one or two rolls.

What is the typical turnaround time?

Upon approval of the proof, the production time is typically between seven and fourteen working days.

What is the color of the label? 

A label can be flood coated, partially coated with a single color or multiple colors, or come with a color border. It can also be printed in full color with a design of your choice. PMS numbers are used in most designs, and designs can be prepared with Adobe Illustrator Artwork files (ai) or Encapsulated PostScript files (eps).

What type of printing system do you have? 

Direct thermal printing does not require ribbons to print with. It works best for short term applications and limited direct sunlight or heat. Paper and polypropylene materials are commonly used.

Thermal transfer labels print with ribbons; paper, polypropylene, polyester, vinyl, and polyimide are some of the most commonly used materials. The type of ribbon used depends on the application and facestock material chosen.

What is the brand/make and model of the printer? 

The brand/make and model provide information and specification for the material and size to be used with your printer. This information is useful for determining the compatible label material and the size of the label roll and ribbon that can be used.

How can I test the label? Can I get consultation and samples?

Our Label Specialists provide free consultation and collaboration to deliver the unique custom label you need. Due to the many types of printers, variable printing content, application, and environmental conditions, we strongly encourage customers to conduct thorough testing with all label products to ensure satisfaction. Able Label is glad to provide free samples.

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