Fastener Bin Labels

Tagging bins has never been easier. Able Label's Fastener Bin Labels come in UNC/UNF (USS/SAE) and Metric. Fastener Bin Labels are customizable with barcodes, company names, and other information. We can customize pre-printed labels to your specifications. Our polypropylene material is durable in harsh environments. Please contact us for more informationable-label-fastener-bin-labels-printed-with-durable-polypropylene-material
  • Over 2,000 fastener pictures
  • Complete size range including metric
  • Custom size range available
  • Low minimum quantity ($50.00 invoice amount)
  • Choose from bordered or solid color 2.5" x 1" labels
  • Other label sizes available
  • Long-lasting polypropylene (plastic) resists dirt and grease in harsh environments 
Visit Fastener Bin Labels Price List and Order Form for more information and download the Size Range Tables to see Able Label's pre-set bin label products.

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