Direct Thermal Labels

How do Direct Thermal Labels Work?able-label-carries-a-wide-variety-of-direct-thermal-labels-for-desktop-and-industrial-printer

Direct thermal labels do not require ribbons to print with. The label is darkened where heat is applied. Coated and uncoated medium sensitivity materials with acrylic adhesive are commonly used for label conversion. Able Label carries direct thermal labels designed for a tight mandrel hold typically applied to test tubes and vial bottles widely used in medical and laboratory facilities.

Direct thermal labels are one of the most economical labels with a wide range of short-term applications. They are used primarily in applications in which the label life is temporary. Able Label Direct Thermal Labels are compatible with most Direct Thermal Desktop Label and Industrial Label printers.

Able Label stocks a variety of Direct Thermal Labels including:

Do Direct Thermal Labels Fade?

It is common for the fading and discoloration of the paper to occur after an extended period of time. To prevent premature fading, it's best to keep labels away from direct sunlight, limit exposure to light for an extended period and avoid hot and humid environments. Darkening of labels can be caused by scratching or pressure applied by fingernails and sharp objects. 

Direct Thermal Label Features

Direct Thermal Labels and Dymo® Compatible Labels are the ideal choices for your next Direct Thermal Label project. Direct Thermal Labels are made with premium quality materials and are available in both white and color coated options. Permanent, All Temp Freezer Grade, Removable and Ultra-Removable adhesives are available.

​Custom sizes and colors are available, contact Able Label for a quote
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