Thermal Transfer Ribbons

Commonly known as Thermal Ribbons

What are wax and resin thermal transfer ribbons used for?

Thermal transfer ribbons or thermal ribbons are used for printing with thermal transfer printers and thermal transfer labels. When choosing the right thermal transfer ribbon, you'll want to know the specifics of your printer.
  • There are three types of ribbons: wax, wax/resin, and resin.
  • There are two wind directions of the ink: coated side in (CSI) and coated side out (CSO)
  • Ribbon rolls use different inner diameters (I.D.) for industrial-grade and desktop printers:
    • 1" core inner diameter for most industrial-grade printers
    • 0.5" core inner diameter for most desktop printers
Able Label’s ribbon collections for industrial-grade printers and desktop printers are excellent choices for the retail, manufacturing, warehouse, medical and pharmaceutical industries. Our Wax ribbon products provide an economical solution for printing with paper for everyday labeling such as general carton labeling, retail price labeling, tracking labels, license plate labels, and more. The Wax/Resin products are durable ribbons that can be used with both paper and polypropylene labels, your perfect choice for shelf labels, warning labels, and pharmacy labels. While the resin ribbon products are great for applications involving special or extreme conditions, use ribbons with polyester labels to create electronic component labels, tamper-evident labels, drum labels, and outdoor labels. Some resin ribbon formulations also work with paper, polypropylene, and polyester labels.

How do thermal transfer ribbons work?

The ink of the thermal transfer ribbons acts as a pigment to mark the label material. The ribbon is placed between the printhead and the label material being printed; when the printhead is heated, melting the pigment and fused to the thermal transfer label with the content being printed.

Able Label carries an assortment of Wax ribbons, Wax/resin ribbons, and Resin ribbons. We also carry OEM compatible thermal transfer ribbons for Datamax™, Zebra®, Eltron®, Intermec®, Toshiba TEC, CognitiveTPG, and Many Other Brands.

Use our thermal transfer ribbons to print on paper, polypropylene, polyester, or polyimide labels. Always check your printer specifications and label materials to determine the best thermal transfer ribbon for your needs.

Don’t find what you need? Contact us about any questions or special orders.

Datamax™ Compatible Thermal Transfer Ribbons — Coated Side In (CSI)

Able Label's ink-coated side-in (CSI) ribbons are compatible with Datamax I-Class Mark II, M-Class Mark II, A-Class Mark II, H-Class, Nova 4 Mark II TT, and desktop printers, such as E-Class Mark III, E-4203, and the Datamax Ovation.

Zebra® Compatible ​Thermal Transfer Ribbons — Coated Side Out (CSO)

Our ink coated side-out (CSO) ribbons are compatible with many Zebra® printers including ZD620t, ZD420t, GX420t, GX430t, GK420t, GC420t, TLP2824plus, TLP2844, ZT220, ZT230, ZT410, ZT411, ZT420, ZM400, S4M, 110Xi4, P4T, RP4T, and similar printers


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