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Thermal Transfer Paper Label Uses:able-label-thermal-transfer-label-print-with-ribbon

Paper labels, the most common type and the most economical are widely used in many applications, such as product ID, shipping, barcodes, license plate numbering (LPN), inventory control, warehouse management, production logistics, and many more. Able Label’s paper label products come with 3" cores for industrial thermal transfer printers and can be rewound with 1" cores for desktop printers. Our label products are compatible with major brands and models including Zebra®, Honeywell Datamax®, Intermec®, Sato, and brands with similar specifications. Paper Thermal transfer labels can tear and require ribbons to print. To see our wide selection of Thermal Transfer Ribbons, click here.

Able Label offers a wide range of Thermal Transfer Labels in Paper with options of WhiteColor BorderFlood CoatedCircle, Permanent Adhesive, High-Tack AdhesiveRemovable AdhesiveUltra-Removable AdhesivePiggybackKraft Block Out and Opaque (Blackout).

Paper Labels Include:

  • Premium Quality Materials
  • Ribbon Required
  • Made in the USA
  • White, Color Border, or Color Coated
  • Perforated (contact us for Non-Perforated)
  • Customization thermal transfer labels to your specifications

Able Label’s Thermal Transfer Labels are compatible with the following thermal transfer printers:

  • Zebra Industrial Printers: ZT610, ZT620, ZT510, ZT411, ZT421, ZT220, ZT230, S4M, Xi4 Series

  • Zebra Desktop Printers: ZD620t, ZD420t, GC420t, GK420t, GX420t, GX430t, ZD500, TLP2844, TLP2824

  • Honeywell Datamax High-Performance Industrial Printers: I-4212e, M-4206, A-4212, H-4212, p1120n

  • Honeywell Datamax Desktop Barcode Printers: E4204B, E-4205A, E-4206P, E-4206L

  • Other High-Performance Printers: Intermec PX4i, Toshiba B-EX4T2, and similar printers


What Core Size Do I Need for My Desktop Printer?

We stock our thermal transfer labels on default sizes on rolls of 6” or 8” outer diameter (O.D.) x 3” core but they can be converted for desktop printers. After selecting your product, you will be given the option to convert the roll from the default size to 4” O.D. x 1” Core. When selecting the quantity, the number you enter will reflect how many 3” core rolls will be converted onto 4” O.D. x 1” core rolls. In the following example, the order quantity of 2 rolls on a 3” core, equates to 8 rolls of 4” O.D. x 1” core or (2 of 4-Roll Pack).


Do you carry Zebra® or Honeywell-compatible labels and ribbons?

Yes, we do! To find the specification of labels or ribbons for your Zebra® or Honeywell Datamax-O'Neil™ industrial or desktop printers, please visit the following pdf files.

For printers of other makes and models, please contact us, and one of our Label Specialists can happily assist you.
Looking for White Paper Direct Thermal Labels? Click here.


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