High Temperature Circuit Board Labels - Thermal Transfer


What are High Temperature Labels?

High temperature labels are heat resistant labels commonly used as printed circuit board labels (PCB labels). PCB labels facilitate the tracking of PCBs through the entire production cycle. Polyester is the most used material for high temperature labels and can withstand up to 302° F, while Polyimide film can handle temperatures as high as 572° F. High temperature circuit board labels are ideal for thermal transfer labeling in electronics, circuit boards, and aerospace industries. Common applications include electronic PCB and component identification, barcode labels, and rating plates.

For UL Recognized  products*, please click on a product code with the suffix UL. Resin Thermal Transfer Ribbons are required to print.

High Temperature Circuit Board Labels Are:

  • Great for Labeling Electronics
  • Tear and Heat Resistant
  • Water and Chemical Resistant
  • Aggressive Permanent Adhesive
​*UL recognition is contingent upon printing your labels with the appropriate thermal transfer ribbon that is approved by testing conducted at Underwriters Laboratories. Please Contact Us for more information.


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