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What are UL Recognized Component Labels?

Label printing materials that were investigated and meet the standards of Underwriters Laboratories (UL), in accordance with the component requirements, are considered UL Recognized. Able Label’s UL Recognized Glossy White Polyester Labels were evaluated with one of the most widely referenced standards – UL 969 Standard for Marking and Labeling Systems, product category PGJI2, which covers adhesive attached labels such as pressure-sensitive labels for use as nameplates or markers providing information, instructions or identification in the form of text or pictographs. UL 969 is referenced by most safety standards and manufacturers, hence, labels meeting the requirements of this standard are considered suitable for use with a wide range of products.

How can I Verify Able Label’s UL Recognized Component Labels?

Able Label’s UL Recognized Glossy White Polyester Label rolls are labeled with UL File Number MH63638 and bear the Recognized Component Mark able-label-u-l-recognized-glossy-white-polyester-labels-bears-the-u-l-recognized-component-mark. To review relevant safety certification and material performance data, please visit https://iq.ul.com/labels/ and enter MH63638 under File Number.

Why are UL Recognized Component Labels Used?

Able Label's UL Recognized Component Labels are converted with semi-gloss white polyester facestock suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. These labels are widely used in electronic applications from circuit board labeling, consumer electronics to lighting and household appliances. Other areas that utilize these labels including medical equipment, motor industries, electrical products, and equipment. UL Recognized Component Labels are also used to convey a wide range of information such as safe installation guidelines, how to properly use a product, or a simple message of "for indoor use only".

Are Able Label’s UL Recognized Glossy White Polyester Labels Suitable for Printing?

Able Label recommends using our SDR or SDR-5 resin ribbon series for printing with these labels. Both ribbon series are UL Recognized and are available in ink coated-side-in (CSI) and ink coated-side-out (CSO) for both industrial and desktop printers.

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