Tamper Proof or Void Labels - Thermal Transfer


Tamper Proof & Void Label Uses:

Tamper Proof or Void Labels have a tamper-evident seal that is great for use on electronic equipment, rentals, or any other items when you need to prevent undetected access. These security labels come in silver and white and leave a "VOID" pattern on the label on the surface when the label is lifted. Void Labels cannot be switched to another piece of equipment without detection. We offer security labels in the following configurations: Blank Void Labels, Custom Printed Void Labels, and Pre-Printed Void Labels. These labels require a Resin Thermal Transfer Ribbons
  • Chemical and UV Resistant
  • Uses Resin Ribbon (Able Label SDR or SDR-5)


What Core Size Do I Need for My Desktop Printer?

We stock our thermal transfer labels on default sizes on rolls of 6” or 8” Outer Dimension (O.D.) x 3” core but they can be converted for desktop printers. After selecting your product, you will be given the option to convert the roll from the default size to 4” O.D. x 1” Core. When selecting the quantity, the number you enter will reflect how many 3” core rolls will be converted onto 4” O.D. x 1” core rolls. In the following example, the order quantity of 2 rolls on a 3” core with 6" O.D., equates to 4 rolls of 4” O.D. x 1” core or (2 of 2-Roll Pack).

Do you carry labels and Ribbons for Zebra® or Honeywell Printers?

Yes, we do! For specifications of labels or ribbons for your Zebra® or Honeywell Datamax-O’Neil™ industrial or desktop printers, see the following PDFs.For printers of other make and model, please contact us and one of our Label Specialists will happily assist you.


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