Opaque or Blackout

Opaque or Blackout Paper Labels - Thermal Transfer Labels


Our Thermal Transfer Opaque or Blackout Labels are manufactured with a feature that completely covers up (or blacks out) labels or markings on items. Print on these paper labels with a wax or wax/resin ribbon and cover unwanted or sensitive information completely. We can produce these in over 25 sizes if it isn't a stock item (minimum orders on non-stock items required). These labels come in white and use a ribbon to print. Click here to see our wide selection of Thermal Transfer Ribbons.

  • A premium thermal transfer paper with a permanent adhesive and an opaque barrier
  • Intended for use as a correction/cover-up label stock
  • Print using Wax or “PGR+” Wax/Resin Ribbons
  • Min. Application Temp. -20°F, Service Temp. Ranges –65°F to +200°F
  • Shelf Life: One year when stored at +72°F and 50% relative humidity