Food Safety Dissolvable Labels

able-label-food-safety-day-of-week-use-by-and-shelf-life-food-rotation-water-dissolvable-labelsWhat should you use to Label Perishable Food?

Able Label’s pre-printed Food Safety Labels are easy-to-fill-out labels that clearly mark containers for perishable food storage. These water-soluble paper labels are equipped with a water dissolvable adhesive, making clean up effortless. Our labels will adhere to many substrates including plastic, stainless steel, and glass. The label will wash away in approximately 30 seconds under running water leaving no residue.

Our Food Safety Labels make it easy to mark your food container, employ the first-in, first-out method, reduce food waste and an efficient way to follow the storage times for the refrigerator and freezer guidelines set by the FDA. The wash-away feature saves on clean-up time making these labels a great tool in your foodservice operation.

What is the purpose of Food Rotation Labels?

Food Rotation Labels, commonly known as the Day of Week Labels or Stickers or the 7-Day Dissolvable Food Safety stickers, make it easy to set up a food safety plan that saves time, money, and significantly reduces the amount of food waste for any restaurant and foodservice operation. Able Label’s Food Rotation Labels come with 250 labels per roll for each day of the week with a different color for each day. These 2” x 2” Day of Week Labels also have space to write in the item, date, time, use-by information, employee and manager’s initials. Buy only the day(s) you need for MondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridaySaturday, and Sundayor order Day of Week Labels Week Pack of one roll for each day. 

In addition to the Food Rotation Labels, Able Label also carries two other widely-used layouts for Use By and Shelf Life. The 2” x 1” “Use By” Labels allow space for writing the item, date, time, and use-by date and time. The 2” x 3” “Shelf Life” Labels are pre-printed with the abbreviation of each day of the week, space for the item, date, use-by date and time, shelf life information, as well as, employee and manager’s initials.

Equip your foodservice operations with these easy to use Food Safety Dissolvable Labels with the following great features:
  • Water Dissolvable, Leaves No Residue
  • Washes Away in Approximately 30 Seconds
  • Writable
  • Premium Quality Printing
  • Minimum Application Temperature +21°F, Service Temperature Ranges -40°F to +172°F
If you prefer blank Dissolvable Paper Labels to write on or print with a thermal transfer printer, click here for details.


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