Thermal Transfer Labels


Thermal transfer labels are designed for applications that require longer shelf life with printed content being legible for over six months or fading and discoloration of the label is not an option. The three major materials for thermal transfer printer labels are paper, polyester, and polypropylene, equipped with pressure-sensitive adhesive.


Intended for thermal transfer printing, Thermal Transfer Paper Labels are the most economical and common choice for your thermal transfer printer. Thermal Transfer Paper Labels will tear and require wax or wax/resin ribbons to print. Paper material comes with a different adhesive, including Permanent, High-Tack (Rubber-based), Removable, and Ultra-Removable. Paper material with Piggyback construction allows the label to be transferable. Opaque Blackout label comes with an opaque barrier coating and is an excellent choice for covering unwanted or old information. Kraft Block Out label has a natural brown finish, while the printability is limited, it gives a vintage look to the printing. The Dissolvable Paper label is converted with a water-soluble paper paired with dissolvable adhesive. It washes away in as little as 30 seconds, making it suitable for the foodservice industry, nursing homes, and healthcare establishments.

Complete price lists for Paper Labels can be found by visiting these categories:
White, Color Border, Flood Color, Kraft Block Out, Circle, High-Tack, Removable, Ultra-Removable, Piggyback, Opaque Blackout, Dissolvable


Polyester Label material features an excellent tear strength, more moisture-resistant than other thermal transfer material, and offers premium durability, the ideal choice for both indoor and outdoor applications.  Able Label has a wide variety of polyester label material in Glossy White, Matte Silver (Chrome), Flood Color with Clear Printable Overlam, Clear/Transparent, Platinum Silver with Heavy Coat Weight Adhesive for applications require greater adhesiveness, OilTak for greasy or oily surfaces and environments, UL Recognized for labels converted with materials meeting UL 969 standard for Marking and Labeling Systems, and Tamper-Proof/Void for tamper evidence and security labeling needs.

Complete price lists for Polyester Labels can be found by visiting these categories:
Glossy White, Matte Silver, Flood Color w/ Overlam, Clear/Transparent, Platinum Silver w/ Heavy Coat Weigh Adhesive, OilTak Glossy White, Tamper Proof or Void, UL Recognized


Polypropylene thermal transfer label material is resistant to tearing, dirt, grease, and water. This biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) material is versatile yet an economical choice for applications that require more durability than paper label material can offer. Able Label offers polypropylene labels with multiple adhesive types, including All-Temp Adhesive works in cold and damp environments. Acrylic Adhesive performs well with mandrel hold considered latex glove-friendly. DURA label has a hybrid adhesive that offers excellent tack and is suitable for cold, damp labeling applications. Polypropylene label with Removable Adhesive leaves little or no adhesive residue behind, and the label can come off in one piece when removed. Our White with Color Border labels, converted with polypropylene material with All-Temp Adhesive, coated with high-quality water-based ink, are popular for applications requiring attention. Both Rat-Tail and Barbell Jewelry Labels are also products of polypropylene material.

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All Temp Adhesive, Acrylic Adhesive, DURA, Removable, White with Color Border, Jewelry Labels 

Circuit Board

At Able Label, we offer both Polyester and Polyimide materials for Circuit Board Labels; both are an excellent choice for thermal transfer electronic labeling, including electronics barcoding, yet each with its distinct features.

Complete price lists for Circuit Board Labels can be found by visiting these categories:
Glossy White Polyester, Glossy White Polyimide


Able Label carries the most used Jewelry Label in two designs: ring/butterfly and rat-tail. These labels are produced with top-quality smudge-proof thermal transfer polypropylene material and are compatible with major desktop printer brands and models, including Zebra and Honeywell Datamax.  Wax/Resin or Resin ribbon required to print.

The complete price list of Jewelry Labels can be found by visiting the following:
Jewelry Labels


These matte top-coated, white, flexible, vinyl thermal transfer labels are durable and come with aggressive permanent acrylic adhesive. Designed for use in nameplate, durable equipment, drum, and battery label applications. Ribbons are required to print with these materials. For product data, please visit our Polyester, UL Registered, Vinyl page.

Please contact us for vinyl label customization.

Kraft Block Out

Our Kraft Block Out Labels are ideal for blocking out unwanted information on corrugated cardboard. Kraft Block Out Labels can also be printed with Thermal Transfer Ribbon using a thermal transfer printer with limited print quality. The natural organic look with limited thermal transfer print quality is excellent for specific product applications.

The complete price list of Kraft Block Out labels can be found by visiting the following:
Kraft Block Out Labels

Tamper Proof or Void

Able Label offers Matte Silver and White Coated Tamper Proof or Void Thermal Transfer Labels. A "VOID" pattern leaves on the label and the surface when the label is lifted, making this tamper-evident seal great for use on electronic equipment, rentals, or any other items when you need to prevent undetected access.

Complete price lists for tamper-proof or void labels can be found by visiting these pages:
Blank Void Labels, Pre-Printed Void Labels


Able Label's writeable and printable water-soluble thermal transfer labels feature an adhesive adheres to a wide variety of substrates, including plastic, stainless steel, and glass. These Dissolvable Paper Labels wash away in approximately 30 seconds under running water, leaving no residue. We recommend these labels for food storage containers, dishes, silverware, and serving trays.

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Dissolvable Labels, Food Safety Dissolvable Labels

UL Recognized Polyester

Able Label's UL Recognized White Polyester Labels meet the standards of Underwriters Laboratories (UL) in accordance with the component requirements and are considered UL Recognized. These materials were evaluated with UL 969 standard for Marking and Labeling Systems, product category PGJI2, which covers adhesive attached labels under UL File Number MH63638. To review safety certification and material performance data, please visit

The complete price list of UL Recognized Polyester Labels can be found by visiting:
UL Recognized Glossy White Polyester Labels

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Can I get samples?

Due to the type of printers, variable printing content, application, and environmental conditions, customers are strongly encouraged to conduct thorough testing with all label products to ensure satisfaction. Able Label is glad to provide free samples.

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