Removable Adhesive Labels

What are Removable Labels?

Labels with removable adhesive can be easily peeled off when needed. These labels are equipped with acrylic-based removable adhesive with excellent long-term removability from a wide variety of surfaces. Able Label offers removable labels in the three most common facestock: Direct Thermal Removable Paper Labels, Thermal Transfer Removable Paper Labels, and Thermal Transfer Removable Polypropylene Labels.

How are Removable Labels used?

Removable adhesive labels are ideal for applications that require the labels to be removed with little to no adhesive left behind. A great product to reduce waste for products and packaging where the resources can be reused. Other applications include pricing and product information in woodworking, glass, and window, retail and manufacturing industries. Be sure to test the labels in their end-use applications, not recommended for mandrel application.

Can I get samples of Removable Adhesive Labels?

Due to the type of printers, variable printing content, application, and environmental conditions, customers are strongly encouraged to conduct thorough testing with all label products to ensure satisfaction. Able Label is glad to provide free samples.

How are Removable Adhesive Labels priced? What are the sizes of Removable Adhesive Labels?

For pricing and size information, please visit our product pages.

Direct Thermal Removable Paper Labels - No ribbons required
Thermal Transfer Removable Paper Labels - Thermal transfer ribbons required
Thermal Transfer Removable Polypropylene Labels - Comparable to Kimdura® labels with short outdoor durability; thermal transfer ribbons required

Custom sizes and colors are available, contact Able Label for a quote

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